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Hi, i'm Gina the owner and operator of

Nuts 4 U. Switching to a

grain free diet a few years back and trying to eat healthy I found it hard to find products that suited my needs and even with all the gluten free products out there it was nearly impossible to find one that was completely grain free and didn't contain excessive sugar or had cheap, unhealthy fillers added to it. Finding myself getting frustrated I started working on my own recipes and came up with a variety of healthy, nut and seed based snacks and granola's completely free of grains and other cheap fillers that diminish our intention of eating healthy. What some people called a radical idea was a no brainer for me and in December 2015 I decided to quit my job to start up Nuts 4 U Granola and share my products with people who care about the food they eat. My mission is to make high quality products that I can stand behind and show people how much healthier we could live if we only eat real food that is truly good for us.


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